One of New Zealand’s most remote Stations

The Story of Muzzle Station written by Fiona Redfern, its an amazing story.

If you would like to come into Muzzle Station contact Steve Beston at  

An amazing way to see the Clarence river and visit Muzzle Station on the way

Check out these links on u tube


Location of Muzzle Station on Google maps:

12 thoughts on “One of New Zealand’s most remote Stations

  1. Think I saw you on the ads! We will be away, but Kristine assures me she will have it taped so we can have an evening later watching it. Very exciting!

  2. Loved the programme tonight – really interesting. I do so enjoy Country Calendar taking us to the wonderful back-country places where my knees could never take me. Good wishes to all.

  3. Enjoyed the Country Calendar episode tonight. What a wonderful place to live! So nice to see dedicated country people – I grew up on a dairy farm in the North Is then lived in Christchurch City for 36 years. I love the Marlborough area. All the best for your future.

  4. Enjoyed Country Calendar. How old do I feel! I helped bring out cattle years ago, off the Muzzle, with my Auntie (Jenny Ward) and cousin (Shannon Ward). We brought some horses in and one was for Fiona, a furry old thing called Nickle. Fiona must have been about 4!! Good to see you all looking, and doing so well!! Regards, Joedy

  5. Hi Tina & Colin,
    Neat programme on CC.
    Great to see your family invoved to continue your good work.
    Wish I had visited years ago.
    My regards to you both.
    Barry Lee

  6. hi
    just seen that episod, loved it so much. i new jono so yer i thought i would just watch it haha i am only 15 but i have lived in Omarama for 14 and a half years and i moved with my dad up to a station to the aurthers pass but i have always dreamed of living on a big station like that.

  7. Hi Fiona
    Great interview on the radio. Your station sounds amazing. My Son rafts down the Clarence from time to time and is in love with the area.

    Two things struck me in your interview. One is the remoteness of your station and hence the difficulty of getting supplies in. The other was your concern for maintaining the water quality of the streams and rivers.

    I have just read the most amazing book. It addresses both problems and so much more. Here is a book review of it.
    or if you go to youtube and type in David R Montgomery and then choose the item titled Growing a Revolution, you can see the author talking about the book.

    Kind regards

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