Clarence Valley Apiaries

Blue borage for organic honey

We produce Blue Borage Honey from the very remote high country, all our apiaries/hives are situated between the Inland and seaward Kaikoura ranges up the Clarence Valley.

We sell the Blue Borage Honey in 500gram jars for $10 per jar plus postage. We also for a limited time have high country blend honey (Manuka/Blue borage) for sale in 500gram jars for $12 per jar plus postage. If you would like to place an order please email


4 thoughts on “Clarence Valley Apiaries

  1. Hi there
    We would love to use your honey at our cafe in Auckland which we are opening next week, we have heard a lot about your honey from my brother toby and it sounds perfect for us. We are interested in getting the 20kg containers or similar size.
    Look foward to hearing from you.


  2. Hello Lucy,

    Just wonderful to see the 2 videos of the Muzzle and the work you are doing with the Apiary. The Hyundai program is restricted to nz viewing so I’m looking forward to finding a way to download it. Really pleasing to see all the photographs – and have the opportunity to share with my teens. Kind Regards, Deb Hall AU

    • Yes we do supply some shops and we would be very happy to supply Organic Blue Borage to you. We have plenty in stock.
      Many thanks.

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